Denver Dual Xeon E5-2678v3/4Bays/64GB RAM/1TB NVME/Gigabit Unmetered - $129/mo

Promo Here!New low CVS prices close to 30% off!

Denver Dual Xeon E5-2678v3/4Bays/64GB RAM/1TB NVME/Gigabit Unmetered - $129/mo

Promo Here!New low CVS prices close to 30% off!

Why Choose Sharktech Cloud Infrastructure?

Not a fan of the ‘Golden Handcuffsʼ? Enjoy simple? You donʼt want your hands to be tied. Why choose Sharktech for your cloud needs? Well, it appears we are one of the only Cloud Infrastructure Providers that actually gives a f#&k about what is important to you. You will receive a competitive solution that’s able to compete against major brand names — AND at our kind of pricing …It’s a no brainer. You will have the least possible number of proprietary options, allowing you the same kind of empowerment as service providers.

What is Dedicated Cloud Hosting?

Hosted on our Hyperconverged Redundant Cloud Platform, build your own virtual data center based on resources allocated exclusively to you. No metering on hourly resources, bare-metal style resources prepaid. This solution provides your business the system redundancy and scalability while prepaying for only the resources you want to have available for building your compute, storage, and network resources your business requires.

Dedicated Cloud

CPU Cores 8
Memory16 GB
SSD Storage
SSD Storage500 - 50,000 GB
HDD Storage
HDD Storage0-50,000 GB
NVMe Storage
NVMe Storage0 - 50,000 GB
DDoS Protection
DDoS Protection60Gbps
Data Transfer
Data Transfer5 - 300 TB
Port Speed
Port Speed40Gbps



Deploy Now

For a custom solution with higher compute, data storage, and network available, please contact our sales team for more information.

Dedicated Cloud Benefits:

  • DDoS Protection

    100% Uptime Guaranteed

    Enterprise Grade Servers and Network equipment working together to provide you the best fault-tolerance solution in the business.

  • Lightning-Fast Network

    DDoS Protected

    Peace of mind knowing all our Cloud Solutions are behind our proprietary DDoS Protection Systems with our qualified engineers monitoring 24/7.

  • Premium Data Centers

    Multiple Service Locations

    Service can be deployed at all of our service centers: Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Amsterdam.

  • Fault Tolerant Storage


    All compute and storage nodes are interconnected via Multi-10G or 40G and multi-40G to internet.

  • Processing Power

    Multi-Tiered Storage

    Balancing Storage speed and capacity is important. Utilizing different tier storage is essential for a cost-effective and comprehensive solution.

  • Memory

    Flat Understandable Pricing

    We know the pain of understanding the complicated billing systems out there. Itʼs not how we feel Badass companies should operate. We give you FLAT Badass Pricing—with no gotcha!

Service Features Included:

DDoS Protection

Resource Monitor

Real-time resource monitoring of your systems.

Lightning-Fast Network

Virtual Machines Management

Create and Manage Virtual Machines.

Premium Data Centers

Security Groups

Create network security groups and assign them to different resources.

Fault Tolerant Storage


Create and manage your fault-tolerant Kubernetes Clusters.

Processing Power

Storage Volumes

Create storage volumes based on our multi-tier storage system.


Snapshot Backup

One-click snapshot of entire volumes and recovery.

Operating Systems


Create your own public or private networks in your environment and associate based on your needs.

24x7 Badass Technical Support


Virtual routers provide Layer-3 services such as routing and NAT between private and public networks, or different private networks.

Management Panel

Floating IPs

Public IPs can be assigned to different resources in your infrastructure.

Management Panel

Load Balancing

High-Availability Fault-Tolerance Load Balancing for HTTP/S TCP or UDP.

Management Panel

System Images

A comprehensive list of standard Unix/Linux and Windows based operating systems, basic systems deployment like Advanced routing (PFSense), and other services.

Management Panel

SSH Keys

SSH Keys bank for ease of secure access management.

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