Rack/Shelf Colocation

Would you like to host multiple systems with us? No problem! We offer Racks, Half Racks, and Shelves (for tower-based systems). Your systems will be connected to our Multi-TenGigabit BGP redundant network. Your systems will be protected against Distributed Denial of Service Attacks on our business-grade network.

Not only will it cost you less than hosting your servers at your office, but it will be safer and faster. Additionally, our NOC team is available 24/7 to help you administrate and troubleshoot any problem you might have with your server. We also stock standard spare parts to assist you in case of a hardware failure.

All options come with a default 1Gbps network port with unlimited incoming bandwidth and 3000GB/month outgoing. Packages can be upgraded to 10Gbps.

Half Rack Full Rack Shelf
Data Center Chicago, IL
Denver, CO
Chicago, IL
Denver, CO
Chicago, IL
Denver, CO
Server Size 20U 40U
  • Upto 21 Midtower
  • Systems 60 MicroATX
Power 20AMP/120V 20AMP/120V 20AMP/120V
Network Port 1Gbps 1Gbps 1Gbps
Incoming Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Outgoing Bandwidth 30TB 30TB 30TB
DDoS Protection
Reverse DNS
Technical Support
Free Setup
Monthly Fee $599 $899 $799
Customize & Order Customize & Order Customize & Order